Recruitment Services

In response to the growing number of requests from our UK, US & Europe based partners AfID is now supporting charities and social enterprises with their permanent accounting recruitment needs. After placing nearly 1000 volunteer accountants across 53 countries, developing a great deal of expertise, it seemed sensible to assist partners and past volunteers in this area.
It is commonplace for AfID volunteer accountants to return from assignments overseas with the desire and commitment to begin a career in the non-profit sector, either in the UK or overseas. They have often gained invaluable experience in the way NGOs manage their programmes with limited resources and report to international donors, as well as great insight into effective cross cultural work practices. This gives AfID a truly unique platform with which to provide charities and social enterprises, often with limited budgets, access to a pool of talent we know are exceptional.
It is very important to us that we are not viewed as a commercial recruitment agency, motivated by fees alone. We therefore want to offer a pricing schedule that gives access and value to all our partners and will enable them to reduce their annual recruitment spend dramatically. For this reason our rates for permanent recruitment are very simple and the lowest in the sector.
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