What Happens Next

What Happens Next?

A f I D volunteering for Accountants Overseas

Step One
1. You read through our website giving special attention to the volunteer FAQs, partner organisation profiles(1) and blogs.
2. You email us to express your interest (info@afid.org.uk), attaching a recent CV.
3. We will arrange a convenient time to discuss your interest, explain how the partner/assignment matching process works, the difference between tailored and structured roles and answer your questions using Skype or over the phone.

Step Two
4. We will e-mail you a registration form(2). By completing the form you are not committing to an assignment.
5. You will confirm your interest in a tailored or a structured assignment, confirming your preferences(3) and availability.

Step Three
6. We will request the payment of the deposit or the entire placement fee(4). You can choose to pay in one instalment to avoid paying international bank charges twice or alternatively you can pay in two instalments: £250 deposit first and the remainder of the fee upon confirmation of your assignment. Please note that for the structured roles we will request a deposit after the first interview with the partner.
7. You will send us your Criminal Records Check from your country of residence. The check is always country specific.
8. We will offer you three assignment options based on your skills/experience, preferences, concerns and availability upon receipt of the payment.
9. You will decide on your preferred option and pay the remainder of the placement fee, if paying in two instalments.

Step Four
10. We will confirm your assignment in writing and send you the workshop documents(5) by e-mail.
11. We will send you the A f I D Travel Handbook(6) and other assignment confirmation documents(7).
12. You will return completed assignment confirmation documents.
13. We will introduce you to all the past volunteer(s) specific to your partner; key management & finance staff at your chosen partner and other A f I D volunteers who will be in the country at the same time as you.

Step Five
14. We will provide information about discounted airfares, local accommodation options and arrange airport pickups.
15. You will book flights, arrange your visa, travel insurance and accommodation.
16. We and the staff at your partner organisation will provide support for the duration of your placement.
17. You will send us the completed A f I D Forms and photos from your placement.

1 Please note that we are working with more than 90 partners in Africa, Asia and South America. Not all of these are listed on the website.
2 The Registration Form is designed to give us an indication of your skills/experience, your assignment preferences, your potential availability, any concerns and references. By completing the form you are not committing to an assignment.
3 Preferences may include; country, city vs rural setting, charity focus e.g. education, health, conservation, microfinance, children etc; accommodation i.e. home-stay vs guesthouse. Preferences are not essential.
4 AfID offers a Tailored Volunteer Programme and Structured Volunteer Programme, click HERE for the fees.
Tailored Volunteer Programme: Our experienced programmes team will create three assignment options based your personal preferences from our 100 grassroots partner organisations. These will take into account your skills and experience, your preferred travel dates, locations and assignment length as well as particular interests you may have in the work of some charities. Volunteers are responsible for their own travel, insurance & visas. However we are happy to give advice and refer you to our travel partners offering discounted fares and services. Each assignment will offer a range of accommodation options at differing costs; these are likely to include guesthouses, hostels and home-stays with the staff of the partner organisation. In a small number of cases these will not incur a charge. Structured Volunteer Programme: Our larger international charity partners often have the resources to cover some or all of the costs associated with volunteer placement. These will always include the cost of flights and may include accommodation, visas, insurance and a stipend. Structured assignments will be focussed on supporting the local staff within the charities network of country offices. The terms of reference for these assignments will be clearly defined by the charity with a fixed location, start time and assignment length. Volunteers will be required to attend an interview, briefing and possibly an induction with the charity. Where appropriate this will be conducted by telephone or video conferencing. 
5 The workshop documents contain the Volunteer Planning Assignment Itinerary which details the essential considerations volunteers need to make before, during and after an assignment. In addition the folder contains our reporting templates and examples of past volunteer reports.
The Travel Handbook contains information about flights, visa, travel health and travel insurance.
7 The Assignment Confirmation documents include forms that you need to complete, partner-specific information (including all the past volunteer reports specific to your partner), country-specific information, and sample financial templates.