Trustees & Treasurers

Many of our charity partners are seeking trustees and treasurers and would love to secure the services of an accountant to take on this very rewarding role. If you are interested in becoming a trustee or treasurer, please see our UK Volunteer Opportunities.
Why become a trustee or a treasurer? 
Being a trustee or a treasurer is a rewarding, enjoyable and accessible way to get involved with a charity, learn new skills, make a real difference and find out more about the non-profit sector before making a career change:
  • Utilise your professional skills and expertise to benefit an important cause
  • Play a crucial role in ensuring a charity is financially secure and achieves their ambitions
  • Help shape the direction of a charity alongside passionate, like-minded people
  • Gain charity sector experience for a possible career move
What skills will I gain?
Becoming a trustee or treasurer of a charity not only gives you a unique insight into how non-profits operate, but also provides an opportunity to develop professionally and pick up new skills such as:
  • Management and leadership skills
  • Interpersonal and team working skills
  • Analysis and monitoring skills
  • Specialist charity sector finance skills
  • Knowledge of charity governance and structure
What is a trustee? 
A trustee is a member of the governing board of a charity who are responsible for the general control and management of the administration of a charity. The board of trustees of a charity would be responsible for ensuring that the organisation has a clearly aligned set of goals and strategy and would take overall legal responsibility for the organisation’s work:
  • Work alongside other trustees to ensure the success and sustainability of the charity
  • Safeguard the organisation's mission and the best interests of beneficiaries
  • Shape the future direction and strategy of the charity
What is a treasurer? 
An Honorary Treasurer (treasurer) is a member of the Board of Trustees, but takes a more senior responsibility for the financial management of the charity – the Board of Trustees would often look to the treasurer for advice and guidance. The treasurers’ role would be to oversee the financial administration, reporting and risk management of the organisation:
  • Provide guidance and advice on budgeting and financial operations
  • Advise fellow trustees on financial implications of strategic plans
  • Organise financial resources and report on financial health of charity
How much time do I need to be able to commit?
Trustee and treasurer roles vary greatly, depending on the size and nature of the organisation, and therefore the time commitment required to undertake the role varies too. Often it is is purely an oversight role where the time commitment required is quarterly Board meetings (evenings and weekends) and possibly Finance Committee meetings. For other organisations, usually smaller charities, the treasurer role may also entail an element of 'hands-on' work, typically no more than a few hours a month.
How much experience do I need?
This varies from one position to the next, but in general you'll be expected to bring a certain level of experience and know-how to the role to ensure the financial success of the organisation. In most cases there is no expectation that you will have held a trustee position previously, and although some charity sector experience is often sought after, for many roles this is of much less importance than having a genuine interest in the aims and objectives of the charity.
We have assisted many non-profits, both large and small, with board appointments over many years and have appointed an equally diverse group of accountants and auditors, from newly qualified accounting technicians to those who have held senior leadership roles within large international charities. 
Useful resources
There are numerous online resources that provide further information on the roles and responsibilities of trustees and treasurers. Here are the links to a few sites and resources that we have found particularly useful. 

If you are a charity or an NGO and would like AfID’s support in finding your next trustee or treasurer, then let us know at