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Amy (ACA)

The Partner

Pastoral Women's Council
Loliondo, Arusha

The Pastoral Women’s Council (PWC) promotes the development of Maasai pastoralist women and children by facilitating their access to education, civil and land rights, social services and economic empowerment. It seeks to address women’s marginalisation in patriarchal Maasai culture, as well as the poverty that Maasai face.

Pastoral Women's Council

The Volunteer

Amy (ACA) Name
Amy (ACA)
International PPF
Global Finance Manager
Past Volunteer, Amy Rodwell, an experienced Audit Manager, had been working for an accountancy firm throughout her career and had always wanted her next step to be a more meaningful path in the international development sector.
She was keen to take part in a voluntary assignment through AfID with the hope that this would increase her future prospects of landing a full-time role at a charity. Amy wanted a placement which would combine her skills, and focus on one of her passions – women’s right. Pastoral Women’s Council (PWC) in Tanzania was a perfect fit for what she was looking for.
The assignment Amy embarked on started in October 2013 and lasted for two months. As the first volunteer with PWC, Amy undertook a gerneral assessment of their accounting and finance function, assisted with the transition to Quickbooks, and gave training to the finance staff.  

On her placement, Amy worked closely with Jill Nicholson the Programme Manager at PWC.  Jill worked within three project departments: Education, Rights; Land & Leadership; Women’s Economic Empowerment. She now works as a Global Programme Officer at Malaria Consortium working on a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded Pneumonia Diagnostics Project.

Jill and Amy are still in touch with each other, and both came to kindly present at one of our Workshops. 

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