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Chizoba (ACMA)

The Partner

Brooklyn Bridge to Cambodia
Phnom Penh

 BB2C was founded in 2007 with the goal of promoting entrepreneurship; they support Cambodian farmers, the majority of them women, helping to improve their livelihoods and food security. They do this through consultations and innovative agricultural solutions – the first of which has been a locally manufactured, environmentally-friendly treadle pump. They are also working on an off grid solar power system that integrates a solar pump for irrigation and household use. 

Brooklyn Bridge to Cambodia

The Volunteer

Chizoba (ACMA) Name
Chizoba (ACMA)
Bank of America
Chizoba found her experience extremely rewarding, and was able to share this with us at the AfID Workshop. See her presentation here.

Past volunteer, Chizoba Uzowuru is an ACMA qualified accountant who has spent seven years working in financial services, and currently works in operations at the Bank of New York.
Chizoba untook a seven week volunteer placement with AfID from January 2015 when she travelled to Cambodia to support Brooklyn Bridge to Cambodia (BB2C).  
On her placement, Chizoba completed an assessment of BB2C’s financial controls and procedures; provided advice and training on accounting systems and controls, and did a cost and profit analysis for the irrigation pumps. She was also involved in the budget reviews and forecasting.

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