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Juliette in Hanoi

Juliette (ACCA)
Humanitarian Services for Children of Vietnam, Vietnam

One week until departure

I’m on the final countdown now to my first assignment with AfID. I have been thinking about volunteer accounting  since I first read an article in the Accountancy magazine about AfID a couple of years ago now. With an opportunity to take voluntary redundancy later this year I thought now would be a good time to try it out, using my remaining 2 weeks annual leave.
I have chosen to work with Humanitarian Services for Children of Vietnam HSCV, a small NGO who work to provide and maximize the relief for Vietnamese children living in abject poverty. HSCV provides support through specialised programmes designed to enable every child to have a solid foundation and chance at a future, by providing food, shelter, education, and medical assistance to them and their families, aiming to help end the cycle of poverty that persists. They also have a small foster home, the Blossom House, to provide refuge to girls aged 5 to 18 years who have been living within an abusive environment, as well as those living in abject poverty with no stable family support.
So, a good cause, and a country I have not explored – a big challenge to embark on! I am currently excited but apprehensive, and hoping I can make my trip as worthwhile for HSCV as I am sure it will be for me.
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