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Oranges and Tigers

Jonathan (FCA)
Slum Soccer, India

Journeying to the centre of India!

Welcome to the "Oranges and Tigers" blog!
I'm shortly going to be volunteering my skills in financial management to Slum Soccer, an NGO based in India. Slum Soccer uses football as a tool to bring about positive social development in the lives of street dwellers in some of India's biggest cities and my assignment has been arranged by Accounting for International Development (AfID). AfID enables accountants from around the world to offer their skills and expertise on a pro bono basis to small social enterprises which are working to bring about positive changes at grass roots level in developing countries.
I'll be based in the city of Nagpur, India. Nagpur is famous for its oranges and is located near to a number of India's top tiger reserves, hence the choice of name for the blog! It's very centrally located, being pretty much equidistant from the east and west coasts and from north to south - in the time of the British Empire, all distances in India were measured from Nagpur. And I expect the weather to be pretty hot and sunny, although I'm assured that this is the best/ coolest time of the year for me to visit!
This will be my first trip to India and I'm looking forward to learning lots of new things as I experience a new culture and meet new people, whilst hopefully being able to use my accounting skills and expertise to help Slum Soccer to develop their work. I'm planning on writing up some of my experiences on this blog every few days so please follow along if you're interested. I'd also be very pleased to hear from you!
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