Hatua Likoni , Mombasa, Kenya

Hatua Likoni is an NGO working to prepare young people in Kenya for future employment. Likoni is one of the poorest areas in Mombasa with large numbers working in informal street vending, stone quarrying and day labour at the port. Most incomes are between USD2 and 4 per day and many residents are under educated and under represented at Kenyan universities.

Hatua’s programmes work with children who are finishing primary school and transitioning to secondary school, following their progress and providing advice and assistance throughout higher education. Fees for secondary school excludes lots of children from accessing further education and opportunities. Hatua provides secondary school and university scholarships to top performing students who could not otherwise afford to go. These scholarships are paired with mentoring opportunities which supplement their education. Hatua peer mentorship in secondary schools creates development opportunities and work experience. They also teach leadership skills and give career advice. Annual mentoring retreats allow school-age children to interact with and learn from university student mentors.

For those at university, students can access one-to-one professional mentors with people working in an industry of their interest. These mentors provide coaching, offer advice for life after education and help them build important networks. Hatua aims to bridge the ‘network gap’ that usually exclude students from low income families. The first Hatua sponsored class graduated from university last year and they proudly report that all are either employed or working in internships. Last year they sponsored 350 students.


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