DAMRA, Rumphi, Malawi

Development Action for Marginalised Rural Areas (DAMRA) is a registered local non-governmental organisation operating in some of the most marginalised areas within the Rumphi district of Northern Malawi.The organisation’s goal is to empower rural communities to improve their living standards.

Through the provision of motivation, knowledge and equipment, DAMRA hopes to achieve local food security, improve household income levels, deal with the HIV and AIDS pandemic and tackle gender disparities in development. DAMRA also recognises the crucial role of youths in development and this is now reflected in a new more youth-focused methodology.
The organisation runs a number of programmes including:
  • Providing care and support to grandmothers hosting orphans and vulnerable children
  • Providing care and support to orphans, vulnerable children and people living with AIDS 
  • Improving market linkage through an enhanced sustainable agriculture project financed by Flanders International Corporation Agency
  • Organising a youth empowerment project financed by GIZ
DAMRA targets the marginalised rural communities within Rumphi and adjacent Mzimba districts of Northern Malawi with the following end beneficiaries:
420 orphans and vulnerable children
109 people living with HIV/AIDS
240  local farmers 
105 youths aged between 10 to 29
71 grandmothers
Please see their website for more information:  www.facebook.com/pages/Damra