Lilongwe Wildlife Trust, Lilongwe, Malawi

Lilongwe Wildlife Trust’s (LWT) mission is to help Malawi's wild animals in need, combat wildlife crime and empower the guardians of the wild.


To achieve their mission LWT has four main technical areas in which it works:

  • Biodiversity research
  • Animal Welfare and Rescue
  • Combatting Illegal Wildlife Crime
  • Environment Education & Campaign

LWT has approximately 90 employees and has two primary bases within Lilongwe.

The organisation reached out to AfID because like many young NGOs, LWT is going through a growing process - building on successes. This means that the number of employees has grown, as has its budget. It is now engaging with international donors (USAID, GIZ, INL) - with the administrative workload that comes with those grants. The financial team is young and has had some training. At the moment they are moving from an Excel based financial management system to a Sage 200 Evolution financial management system.

In addition, they work with approximately 20 donors but do not yet have any formal grant management systems in place as such they are keen to develop reporting processes that underpin donors and grants.


For more information, visit their website.