Ahazaza Independent School, Muhanga, Southern Province, Rwanda

Ahazaza, (the “future” in Kinyarwanda), is a pilot school created and managed by a non-profit organisation. The objective of its founders is to enable intelligent, capable and motivated children to benefit from a high standard of teaching at all levels (nursery, primary and secondary) in the three national languages.

The school charges fees, but provides eight free places per class of twenty-five for promising pupils with insufficient financial means. A further third of pupils are offered discounted rates
Started in 2006, the school applies new interactive methods and puts an emphasis on critical thinking and Rwandan culture.  The school’s first children are now in Primary 5 and next year they will take national exams, a compulsory step to being admitted to upper primary school.
Ahazaza’s objective is to become a self-financing part of the country’s sustainable development programme: the priority of the country’s struggle against poverty is based on education.
The school has built a multipurpose hall which it hopes to use as a source of income in addition to its educational uses. There are also plans to set up an ICT centre which will not only be useful for educational purposes but will also provide further income.
Ahazaza has also set up a Farm School to:

  • Facilitate the learning of appropriate agricultural technology by small scale farmers with practical examples
  • To establish a practical learning centre for the students of the agriculture section of Ahazaza Independent School
  • To create a demonstration centre for modern agriculture  practices intended for stakeholders in agriculture and livestock keeping, as well as other relevant development actors
  • To enhance a culture of accountability by training farmers in basic financial management, savings, marketing and accountancy in order to improve their livelihoods.

Please see their website for more information: www.ahazaza.org