Team Heart, Inc, Kigali, Rwanda

Team Heart was founded by cardiac surgeons in 2007 and started out by sending surgeons from the US to Rwanda once a year to carry out heart surgery. They began a year-round presence in Rwanda in 2013. They now work in partnership with the Rwandan Ministry of Health and the Rwandan Heart Foundation, Brandeis University and other various global partners to strengthen the national health infrastructure and to conduct a health system assessment to explore the feasibility and different funding strategies for offering expanded cardiovascular services to the Rwandan population. They are currently building a regional centre of excellence in cardiac care, offering services which include cardiac surgery, a heart catheterisation lab, rehabilitation and prevention and research and education on cardiac care. They aim to create a scalable model in Kigali which prevents advanced rheumatic heart disease in Rwanda through surveillance, prevention, education and early intervention. The Team Heart team are currently providing 1 out of every 4 heart surgeries performed in Rwanda.

As well as providing health care services they also deliver training to strengthen the local workforce. Their program includes in-service training in cardiovascular care at King Faisal Hospital, Kigali and skills development in follow-up care at several district hospitals. They have outreach clinics to increase patient access, also providing post-operative care and emotional support. While advocacy efforts aim to reduce poverty, and empower patients and a growing patient support fund gives vulnerable children access to these services.


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