Advocaid, Freetown, Sierra Leone

AdvocAid was created to ensure that women and girls in Sierra Leone are educated and empowered to be able to fully access their legal and human rights.


AdvocAid is delivering their mission through the following programmes:

  • Access to Justice to women and girls and public awareness about legal rights through popular media.
  • Female detainee support: AdvocAid seeks to allow women to preserve their dignity and obtain new skills while in detention by providing education, counselling and welfare support.
  • Post-Prison Support for women and girls: AdvocAid provide post-prison support and help ex-detainees get a job or (re)start a business.
  • Decriminalising Poverty: The project aims to promote legislation reform relating to petty offences, reduce custodial sentences for petty offenders, and raise awareness about rights, legislation and the impact of criminalising petty offences.
  • The Kolonko Film Project: currently finalising a documentary, which seeks to amplify the voices of Sierra Leone’s commercial sex workers by letting some of them tell their stories from the street.

For more information, please visit their website.