Friends of Mutale, Mutale, South Africa

Friends of Mutale is a small grassroots humanitarian organisation supporting local access to education and a better quality of life. The organization was founded in 2009 by Vince Mehers and is registered both in UK and South Africa. While they started with the building of a Learning Centre in the village of Bennde Mutale – for the entire community to participate, and working in one primary school, they are now promoting educational activities through after-school programmes in 6 primary schools in South Africa, and more recently expanding and partnering with other 10 primary schools in Zimbabwe, utilising sport as a tool for development.

What first started as a project of the organization, World Parks World Cup (WPWC) is now a fully registered organization in South Africa; both organizations share the founder, vision and framework.

They currently focus on running a sports for development programme targeting primary school children, using football as a platform to stimulate, engage, motivate and to educate the children. They impact on about 300 children on a weekly basis, who come from rural areas where youth unemployment is around 85% and education levels are very poor.


For more information, please visit their website.