RONHAI, Mukono, Uganda

RONHAI (Reach out Nkokonjeru Parish HIV/AIDS Initiative) is an Uganda NGO promoting and protecting sustainable livelihoods through income and food security, environmental conservation, health and social support. They began in 2007 as a community-based organisation supporting key vulnerable groups in the community of Mukono and later merged with another CBO to expand their activities and reach in 2013, registering as an NGO. Their target beneficiaries began as those suffering from HIV/AIDS and those in extreme poverty and now include small-scale farmers and small business owners.

Their projects include: Sustainable Agriculture, providing disadvantaged families with land to grow crops; Supporting Orphans and Vulnerable Children, with educational materials and school fees; Information Technology Café, training children in computer and other vocational skills; and HIV/AIDs Care, including prevention, treatment and other care services.

RONHAI also runs a separate Cooperative Microfinance Organisation which provides microcredit to small-scale famers and small business owners. Both the NGO and Cooperative are based in the same location but are run separately for compliance purposes. RONHAI are currently receiving the support of an American volunteer with experience in Agribusiness. He is working directly with the farmers using the Cooperative to train them in basic finance management and business advice.


For more information, please visit their website.