The Sani Foundation, Lusaka, Zambia

The Sani Foundation supports young people with intellectual disabilities reach their full potential within society. Their work spans across direct support for young people with intellectual disabilities and advocacy work with employers and government. Sani’s Work-Based Learning Programme (WBL) prepares young people for employment and independence through skills training, and the Supported Employment Project then helps these young people to enter into the open labour market. They also began their own social business, the DICE (Disability Inclusive and Customised Employment) Juice Bar in 2017 which aims to create jobs for those for whom it is hardest to find them. It doubles as a place to raise public awareness and engage the local community.

An Intellectual Disability Awareness programme uses targeted communication to improve social inclusion and challenge prejudices and Sani’s ongoing Policy Influencing work is developing a comprehensive and accredited WBL curriculum for people with disabilities in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. Sani are supporting 23 trainees currently and have 5 already in employment. With a long waiting list they are working to expand their operations.


For more information, visit their website.