Paz y Esperanza, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Paz y Esperanza is a human rights organization dedicated to defending and promoting justice on behalf of communities affected by different forms of injustice. In Bolivia their work focus is on preventing violence and supporting victims of violence in particular girls and women. Their two main programmes are the child-adolescent sexual violence prevention program and the comprehensive care program for victims of sexual violence and domestic violence on the basis of gender. Their programmes are run through 3 projects:

  • Prevention-Good Treatment Campaign- children, adolescents and adults violence prevention actions through workshops in school units, neighbourhood meetings and churches.
  • Comprehensive case management- legal orientation, legal sponsorship and psychological care and psychotherapy for victims of sexual violence, child and domestic violence.
  • Incidence in public policies- promotion of the citizen's engagement for proposals of norms and laws on the prevention, action and sanctions of cases of sexual violence and domestic violence.

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