Associação Somos Professores, Recife, Brazil

Somos Professores (translates to mean ‘We are teachers’) is a Brazilian charity supporting Project-Based Learning in Brazilian schools. Their aim is to create the environment by which children can meet their full potential, supporting their teachers and wider society to achieve key educational goals. They engage with collaborative solutions to the challenges being faced, sponsoring creativity and innovation. Public school teachers submit applications of educational projects and Somos Professores selects the top 15 to support in resources, methodology and technical expertise.

Somos Professores was founded in 2014 and began as a crowd funding platform for teachers. From this point they have developed a programme to go further than just finding these projects but also helping the recipients with effective project management. The charity was founded by brother and sister, Pedro and Luiza, who have gradually been formalising their procedures and structures, with the help of external consultation.


For more information, please visit their website.