Semillas Arquitectura en Comunidad, San Jose, Costa Rica

Semillas (Seed) are an interdisciplinary group that promotes community social architecture to improve the quality of spaces and human habitats through inter-sectoral linkages and co-management of participatory processes.

The organisation’s mission is to reduce socioeconomic gaps by generating a change in the concept of urban and social development, through empowerment, training and dignifying grassroots communities. They have developed and supported different communities in urban and rural areas of the country, with a focus on joint creation of opportunities, sustainability, accessibility, gender equity and critical pedagogies from the execution of projects in public spaces and common good.

To date, Seed has impacted more than 6,000 people benefiting directly and about 24,000 indirectly. Their programmes include:


Project co-management

  • Guide participatory processes with communities to design and build public infrastructure
  • Working as a link between sectors (public, private, academy and NGOs) to finance the projects and also provide trainings to the community leaders to empower them and with the objectives so that they can manage their own projects in the future.

Consulting Services

  • Provide consulting services to enterprises or organisations that want to know how to invest on public infrastructure projects hand in hand with the communities.

For more information please visit their website.