Creating Opportunities for Guatemalans (COG), San Antonio, Guatemala

Based 30 minutes away from the famous and picturesque city of Antigua, Creating Opportunities for Guatemalans (COG)’s mission is to provide educational support to the community of San Antonio Aguas Calientes through school scholarships to children and their families who live below the poverty line. They run an After School Program to teach English and Math, a Reading program, as well as offering homework support, school supplies, uniforms, nutritional snacks and sports activities. COG also runs a leadership program for high school students and offers several vocational classes, such as Sewing or Computer Science.


The organisation reached out to AfID in early 2018 because they wanted to review and improve their current systems and procedures, to make sure they operate in an environment of transparency, efficiency and accountability. They are a small organization with 4 members of staff and 3 volunteers. You will be working mainly with the Executive Director, Vicki Horsefield -who is an English speaker and occasionally with the bookkeeper, Rosa Perez -who only speaks Spanish. When needed translation support will be available.


For more information, visit their website.