ChildLink, Georgetown, Guyana

ChildLink works with children, their families, civil society organisations, the government and local communities to strengthen social protection services for children, increase awareness and advocate for children’s rights, to ensure that every child can live in a home and community free of violence and abuse.


ChildLink grew out of the work of Family for EveryChild, a UK-based charity, but they have been an independent Guyanese organization since 2011.


Throughout the years they have received funds from international donors like the European Union, UNICEF, USAID, British High Comission and others, which have helped them to diversify and strengthen the support they offer to their beneficiaries. The organization now provides services to victims of child abuse and their parents, children institutionalized in care facilities and their parents, children at risk of separation from their families and their parents, and children with mild autism and their parents. The estimated number of these combined beneficiaries is 5,000.


For more information, please visit their website.