Girls of Armenia Leadership Soccer (GOALS), Yerevan, Armenia

GOALS is a young start-up empowering Armenian women through sport, giving them the confidence and life skills to challenge gender stereotypes in the country. Being a former Soviet state, it is not a cultural norm for girls to be active, even more so, to play what is perceived to be a male-oriented sport, football.

With an increase in female football leagues around the world, the uptake on GOALS programme has been quite impressive; they currently have between 700-750 girls playing in their league; they remain the only organisation in Armenia that offers girls the opportunity to play in a league for free, and the only organisation that uses football as a tool to promote gender equality.

In addition to founding and managing the football league and running football empowerment camps nationally, they are also training educators and social activities in using sport as a social impact tool within curriculums, and establishing co-ed groups to challenge societal norms through sport.


For more information, please visit their website.