M'lup Russey, Phnom Penh, , Cambodia

M'lup Russey is a local NGO working to strengthen and support Cambodian families. Their work supports the safe reunification of children, previously in care, with their families. Working with national, regional and local authorities, M'lup Russey is contributing to the de-institutionalisation process which has moved away from the traditional orphanages and foster care model to prioritise keeping families together wherever possible. They aim to promote healthy, safe lives and opportunities for Cambodian youth. To do so they are collaborating across 4 sectors:

  1. Child Welfare Network Sector: support and signposting vulnerable families and children to help
  2. Community Development Sector: equipping communities with the tools to develop and engaging with peer action and outreach groups
  3. Alternative Care Sector: for those children who still require it, they facilitate emergency foster care to prevent them from going into orphanages. They have a team of social workers and foster families on 24 hour standby to help the most vulnerable children, often affected by crisis and trauma
  4. Youth Support Sector: working with existing/remaining orphanages to educate the children in key life skills and the staff and directors on policies, reintegration procedures and ways to reduce numbers being admitted to residential care. A care leaver support network supports youths who have been through the orphanage system with vocational and life skills training.


For more information, please visit their website.