SALT Academy, Battambang Province, Cambodia

SALT Academy runs community football leagues and vocational training to develop Cambodian youth, especially by promoting and empowering female players.
SALT reaches nearly 2,000 youths and 1,000 young adults across the three provinces of Battambang, Pailin and Poipet, through numerous league and special outreach activities. SALT’s Mighty Girls program contributes to increased acceptance of woman’s football and prevents individual cases of human trafficking by supporting exceptional young female players in education, training, and personal development.
- Provide recreational activity and holistic development to the youth of Cambodia by teaching life skills and building positive relationships through a community based football program.
- Give young adults an opportunity to use and further develop their skills ­– through volunteer and internship opportunities, mentoring, and vocational training – as future leaders within their community.
- Encourage community groups to network and build relationships while participating in a common project, providing opportunities for them to be a positive influence and reach out to their neighbours.

100 coaches and referees are involved in organizing 60 football league games per week. 2,000 players from three provinces play in the SALT leagues.
SALT passes on 100% of the donated money to its projects.
The Mighty Girls won the National Women’s Championship.
SALT is accepted as a member of streetfootballworld ( The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) selects SALT Academy for support funds from the Dream Asia Movement – citing SALT’s excellent proposal and organisational capacity.
SALT academy graduates 28 D-license coaches in cooperation with the Football Federation of Cambodia.
International 7-a-side tournament, including two American teams. While Mighty Girls teams take first and second place.
Second annual Summer School keeps kids busy during sommer months and out of possible human traffiking.

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