Elevated Honey Co., Jian Tang Town, China

Katrina Klett, one of the co-founders of Elevated Honey Co., started working with NGOs in the mountains in SW China in 2010 to support farmers to raise honeybees. They had a lot of success and were producing quality honey, however farmers were not producing enough honey and did not have the business acumen to run a business independently.

It was in an attempt to address these issues, that Elevated Honey Co. was established. The organisation provides training for small family farmers on beekeeping techniques, queen bee rearing, and safe and clean honey extraction. The farmers are then provided assistance with bottling and selling the honey. They currently only sell the honey locally, but the co-founders aim to bring "Elevated Honey Co. Thousand Flower Honey" to an international market within Asia in the near future. At present, they are producing 1 tonne of honey per year, and have plans to increase it to 7 tonnes a year.


They are located in Lisu Village (where honey is produced) and Jian Tang Town, where they are setting up an office.


For more information, please visit their website.