Khetee, Bihar, India

Khetee is a new community development project, founded in 2017. Khetee, meaning ‘farming’ in Sanskrit, aims to introduce agricultural and agroforestry techniques that will increase yield and productivity for local small hold farmers. Bihar is one of India’s poorest states and many rely on farming for their livelihoods and food supplies.

Co-Founder, Neeraj Kumar has started a pilot farm to demonstrate new and efficient farming techniques that will improve sustainability and profitability. Based in the village of Durdih, which has a population of about 2000, they are currently working with 5 farmers on the Khetee farm. These 5 will return to set up their own agricultural plots with the new skills they have learnt. Neeraj is hoping the lessons can be passed on through demonstration and word of mouth to make the most of the land and resources.


Neeraj is a graduate of the Kanthari leadership programme which supports and nurtures visionaries in their goals to enact ethical and social change. We have worked some of their graduates before, who often go on to build successful community development projects. Neeraj met one of our volunteers while she was on placement with a pre-existing Kanthari partner.


For more information, visit their website.