Simple Education Foundation (SEF), New Deli, India

Simple Education Foundation is a registered Trust in New Delhi working to improve teaching and learning practices in government schools. They aim to provide children with better access to education and opportunities regardless of social or economic background. They have developed the ‘Simple School’ model which places staff within partner schools for a 5 year period to create, drive and cement the transformation. Their approach is to strengthen teaching and learning processes and introduce a more innovative and holistic curriculum.


The Simple School model is still in its infancy, SEF have been trialling various methods since its foundation in 2013. They have reached year 2 of the 5 year programme with the 4 schools they are supporting. The first year is spent building a Simple School culture; changes are implemented in years 2-3; responsibility is transferred back to school management in year 4; and throughout year 5 an SEF School Leader will stay in post to cement the transformation. The model was developed in collaboration with the non-profit, Education Alliance and is adapted from the US based charter school system. The current Simple Schools are located in 2 urban and 2 rural locations to monitor an inclusive approach. 22 full time staff work across these regions and volunteers come on board to run summer schools.


For more information, please visit their website.