Sristi Foundation, Kunamangalam Village, Tamil Nadu, India

Sristi Village was founded by Karthikeyan (Karthik) Ganesan for people with intellectual disabilities. Having grown up in an orphanage with children with disabilities, he has always had an interest in providing better opportunities for them. He graduated with a degree in psychology and worked as the director of an orphanage before founding Sristi Foundation. He has created an inclusive, self-sustaining and eco-village, providing a conducive environment to enable marginalised people and those with intellectual disabilities to reach their full potential regardless of disability, race and gender, to name a few.


There are 3 parts to the foundation:

  • Sristi Special School – providing specialist education and training for children with intellectual disabilities
  • Sristi Vocational Training Centre – providing training which can help empower people with intellectual disabilities to lead dignified and independent lives. They are currently learning to make products such as door mats, candles, incense sticks, greeting cards and paper bags.
  • Sristi Village – where adults with intellectual disabilities can live and work on the village farm, learning skills that can give them independence and self-sufficiency. They follow a 3 year curriculum, learning daily/life skills in year 1, farming skills in year 2 and they find internships in nearby farms in their 3rd year. After the 3 years, they return to their families, find employment or if they prefer they can stay.


For more information, please visit their website.