International Humanity Foundation , Bali, Indonesia

The International Humanity Foundation's (IHF) mission is two-fold:  IHF primarily tries to educate the world about the poor whilst helping those in desperate need. They believe that it is important to expose the privileged to the harsh realities of the less fortunate and empower them to help.

IHF work in six locations across Africa and South-East Asia, mainly in Kenya, Thailand and Indonesia. AfID's support for IHF has been in Bali, Indonesia. Through poverty and education programs, IHF creates person-to-person communication links between the voiceless, at-risk populations and the ordinary everyday people of all walks of life. This facilitates the exchange of more accurate information on global poverty thereby educating each other and creating a world that is better prepared for effective problem solving.

  • Kenya: children’s home catering for 70 children from East Pokot tribes who have been placed there by their local community
  • Thailand: centre is a children’s home supporting children hailing for the hill-tribes of the tumultuous borderlands between Thailand, Myanmar & Laos
  • Indonesia: The 4 centers in Jakarta, Bali, Aceh, and Meda primarily focus on educating children through the TEP and Class Sponsorship programs with some centers teaching over 400 students. The centers provide an informal place for children from lower economic classes to work with volunteers, which teaches the children to feel comfortable with people from different backgrounds at a young age.

To find out more about The International Humanity Foundation visit their website, or their blog page.