ROLE Foundation, Bali, Indonesia

ROLE Foundation is an Indonesian non-profit, founded in 2007.


ROLE stands for River, Ocean, Land and Ecology and their focus is on environmental protection. They work to keep the ocean free from land-based waste and educate and inspire others to do the same. Working with the Balinese and Indonesian Coastal Island communities, they engage with local children, government and communities. They are completing building of a Community Environment and Skills Centre which is already teaching public schools about waste management, recycling, composting and organic gardening.


The outcomes of their advocacy efforts are more sustainable businesses, community beach clean ups and active village waste management systems.


ROLE also runs a parallel programme, Bali WISE. This empowers marginalised women through education. They aim to provide a safe environment for women from disadvantaged backgrounds, vocational training and the opportunity to gain quality and fair employment. Women on the programme receive 6 months free education, accommodation, meals, educational materials and a stipend. At the end of the programme the women work placements in the hospitality industry and ultimately go on to gain full time employment. They support about 120 young women every year, all high school graduates aged 17-25.


ROLE believes that the two programmes compliment each other. They educate women so they can pass on this knowledge to their children, the cycle will then continue and protection of the environment becomes culturally engrained.


For more information, visit their website.