Roots of Health, Palawan, Philippines

Roots of Health was established with the aim of empowering women and young people to live healthy reproductive lives in Palawan. Teenage pregnancy rates in the Philippines average around 20%; in Palawan, the rate is around 25% with a higher number of pregnancies among girls aged 13-15 years.


Roots of Health use a two-pronged approach:

  • Education & information: They are reaching comprehensive sexuality education in high schools and colleges, and training youth advocates; through this they cover a huge range of topics including puberty, gender, reproductive health, contraception, STIs and HIV/AIDS. They also deliver maternal health sessions, covering various health and rights topics including pregnancy, delivery and pre-and post-natal care, contraceptives and how they work, breastfeeding, human rights, family relationships, nutrition, and budgeting.
  • Clinical service delivery: They run a Contraceptive Acceptors Programme & Healthy Pregnancy Programme. Through these programmes they offer all the methods of contraception that are legal in the Philippines, and offer pregnant women monthly prenatal exams, free prenatal vitamins & ultrasounds. Women are counselled and supported in creating and raising funds for their birth plan and subsequently offered post-partum and infant check-ups.

Here is a link to their website.