Designing for Social Innovation and Leadership, Bangkok, Thailand

Designing for Social Innovation and Leadership (DSIL) is an education start- up that connects social impact community leaders from around the world with innovation and knowledge networks to amplify their work.

The organisation offers a non-traditional executive education experience which includes 5 months of multiple 'Virtual Classroom' sessions with industry thought leaders and 10 day field immersions on the ground. The program sees the real world as a classroom and the curricular content emphasizes social (and personal) innovation, design thinking, and entrepreneurship. DSIL provide international participants with contemporary tools, a cross sector global social capital network and analogous field immersions focused on personal and professional development. The DSIL team also develops custom consulting projects and innovative education research.

Core learning themes include:

  • Social innovation and design thinking
  • 21st century leadership & personal innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Peacebuilding & conflict studies
  • Systems thinking
  • Urbanization & development issues

For more information, visit their website.