Childrens Hope in Action, Hoi An, Vietnam

The organisation work with children whose life opportunities are limited due to poor health, disability and lack of access to education in the province of Quang Nam. The organisation work in the local community with disabled children up to the age of 7 years old, providing daily therapy wheelchair equipment and health services such as medication, facilitating surgery intervention as well as nutrition sponsorship. They also run a sexual education programme for teenagers in the surrounding rural schools.


CHIA believes passionately that it is the right of every child to be raised within a nurturing family environment and are able to access essential services often taken for granted by people living in developed communities. The organisation create tailored assistance plans and care packages for the children on a needs basis in order to provide the best possible support and service to their family.


Whether it be taking a child to Ho Chi Minh City for heart surgery, providing on-going physiotherapy sessions for children affected by cerebral palsy, or providing sponsorships to allow children from very poor families to obtain a complete primary and secondary education, CHIA is determined to ensure these children have a future.  CHIA's projects include:

  • Provision of initial health assessments through in-house and rural community clinic services
  • Facilitation and funding of necessary treatments including surgery (e.g. cardiac), provision of medicines and nutritional supplements
  • After-care services (following treatment)
  • Allied health services, especially regular physiotherapy sessions and equipment provision for children with disabilities
  • Education sponsorships for children from very low income families
  • Residential care for 30 high-school aged children from poor rural families, to allow them to continue with their education
  • Building brick and concrete houses to replace bamboo and palm-leaf huts for very poor families with children
  • Building/renovate toilet blocks in remote schools

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