Saigon Children’s Charity, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Saigon Children’s Charity is a Vietnamese NGO supporting disadvantaged children and young adults to reach their full potential. Their education programmes are designed to provide opportunity, resources and tailored support to marginalised groups. They began with their School Building Programme in 1992, creating conducive learning environments. They now run a Scholarship Programme which supports children from disadvantaged backgrounds from primary through to secondary with textbooks, uniforms, food and medical provisions.

With their Special Needs Education Programme they have partnered with specialist organisations to bring early interventions and support for children with physical and mental disabilities, helping to integrate them into the community. This programme is being scaled up after a small start and echoing big changes happening in the country. 10 years ago their wasn’t even a Vietnamese word for autism and now the country hosts a National Autism Education Framework. Following on from the core education, Saigon Children’s Charity also provide a Getting Ready for Work Programme which allows adults from disadvantaged background to gain key employment and life skills, including vocational training, foreign language and IT and counselling.


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