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Are you looking to begin a career in International Development?

We can speak with experience when we say that working in the International Development sector allows you make a positive impact on social issues, gain real job satisfaction, sometimes travel the world, and work with some incredibly inspiring people. Therefore it won’t surprise you to hear it is a highly competitive job market, as many people are keen to take on such rewarding roles. Combine this with a lack of funding across the sector negatively impacting job numbers and it can mean permanent positions are hard to find.

Fear not, we hope to become a useful resource to help you transition your career into the sector, providing information on relevant training courses, insights into what charities are looking for when they recruit and provide a list of real case studies about 'Career Changers' i.e. accountants who managed to secure their dream job in the sector.

In response to the growing number of requests from our UK, US & Europe based partners AfID is now supporting charities and social enterprises with their permanent accounting recruitment needs. After placing nearly 1000 volunteer accountants across 53 countries, developing a great deal of expertise, it seemed sensible to assist partners, past volunteers and accountants passionate about the not for profit sector. For a list of career opportunities in the sector click.


It is commonplace for AfID volunteer accountants to return from assignments overseas with the desire and commitment to begin a career in the non-profit sector, either in the UK or overseas. They have often gained invaluable experience in the way NGOs manage their programmes with limited resources and report to international donors, as well as great insight into effective cross cultural work practices. This gives AfID a truly unique platform with which to provide charities and social enterprises, often with limited budgets, access to a pool of talent we know are exceptional.

If you are keen to switch sectors and commit your career to the not for profit or international development sectors please get in touch by emailing 

What do charities look for when they hire?


Whilst we’ve picked up some great inside knowledge from our work organising over 1000 volunteer and supporting over 500 charities, we thought it best to ask the charities themselves what they thought. So we have approached the Head of Finance at 10 of the most respected international charities including Oxfam, ActionAid, Christian Aid and Partners in Health and asked the question.

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Volunteering in the UK

Many find UK volunteering as an excellent way to pick up the essential experience and contacts. For more information on UK volunteering and opportunities available click.

Charity & International Development Training Courses


Career Changers: How I switched sector and found my dream job - True stories from accountants who have forged new and rewarding careers in the charity sector.