Alterna Center for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Guatemala,

Alterna was founded in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, in 2010. Led by a multinational team, the organisation's aim is to promote innovation, identify social entrepreneurs and businesses, and mentor them to help develop their businesses and achieve great social and environmental impact. 

The organisation uses three main programmes to achieve their mission - they are Cultivating Impact, Creating Solutions and Strengthening Networks.

Cultivating Impact
Alterna 'cultivates' social entrepreneurs and businesses. They do this by first identifying social needs or problems, then sourcing local entrepreneurs with ideas for social or environmental impact, and aiding them however necessary to ensure their growth and success. This could be through designing business models, or offering guidance on how to attract impact investors. Our partner Alterna offers personal and fun mentoring, directs businesses towards relevant resources, and supports them through their growth.

Creating Solutions
Alterna launches ventures alongside entrepreneurs which seek to resolve social problems in Guatemala and the region. They support these local businesses, with the aim of not only making their business model sustainable, but also ensuring that the final result is an improved and benefitted society. Alterna's team are entrepreneurs themselves, and work with other domain experts to achieve success.

Strengthening Networks
Once businesses are set up and in a position to help the community, Alterna helps to strengthen their networks, making connections with key institutions and organisations in the public, private and academic sectors. Our partner works with universities to promote entrepreneurship among young people, as well as encouraging women and indigenous people in the sector. Alterna also advocates for changes to public policy that will unleash the full potential of social entrepreneurship in the region.