INCLUDED, Beijing, China,

INCLUDED is a nonprofit organisation that envisions inclusive cities for migrants. It brokers access to the city for migrants and their slums, doing essential work in difficult places, particularly the slums where migrants are crowded into the margins of megacities. Overpopulation in slums is one of the major issues in today's world. It is urgent that the growing numbers of people living in city slums is addressed.
INCLUDED runs community centres in migrant locations. It provides early child development and after school programmes to children and family education to adults; all of whom are excluded from the normal channels for services because they are unofficial residents.  
The organization was founded six years ago by Jonathan Hursh, an American from Alabama. He was studying Mandarin in Beijing and working for another NGO when he saw that there was very little support for the children of migrant workers in the city. He decided that something had to be done to include these children, by giving them access to education and therefore better prospects. He was able to raise money to rent and refurbish a building which became INCLUDED’s first community centre. It now runs 5 centres in Beijing, 2 in Shanghai, 1 in Nepal and another will open soon in Bangladesh.
Jonathan was recognised as one of the Schwab Social Entrepreneurs of the Year for 2013. This gives him access to world leaders and influencers through the World Economic Forum and to other platforms and networks. INCLUDED's innovative approach to addressing the issue of slums has been highly acclaimed.
 Chris Oliver, the new CFO at INCLUDED