Still not sure what an AfID assignment involves?14.06.2017

Our volunteers have been providing invaluable support to charities across the developing world for over eight years; yet for many prospective volunteers there is still an element of mystery as to what's involved and the impact of our assignments.


In a series of new case studies we look to provide you with the full picture of the work you might be asked to undertake, as well as the positive impact you will have on the partner organisation, their local staff and of course your own career and development. We hope that browsing through these will remove any uncertainty you might have about taking on an overseas assignment and boost your confidence in what you can achieve...



Olivia (ICAS) supporting Bright Generation in Ghana


AfID volunteer Olivia with school children in Ghana

Olivia spent six weeks on assignment, where she supported Bright Generation with preparing budgets and accounts, improving donor reporting and tracking donations, along with a general review of their systems and processes. Read on.

"It was such an inspiring experience bringing experts from different fields around the table to develop the project.” 



Andrew (ACA) and Jeannette (USA CPA) with Anza Entrepreneurs in Tanzania


AfID volunteers in front of lake in Tanzania


During their six week assignment Andrew and Jeannette helped to roll out a new microloan programme and improved financial systems, controls and reporting procedures. Read on.


“We enjoyed the assignment immensely. The most common question since we returned is 'did we make a difference or have any lasting impact. And we feel we did.”



Matt (AICPA) working with Amigos de Santa Cruz in Guatemala


charity partners in Guatemala

Matt spent two weeks implementing stronger financial controls and reporting systems, as well as providing training and mentoring to staff in how to effectively manage these. Read on.


“This experience really allowed me to make a difference. Being able to talk to my colleagues and clients about what I was able to accomplish has been great.” 



Tim (ACA) supporting Restart Africa in Kenya


Charity partners dancing with children in Kenya

During his ten week assignment Tim assessed their accounting processes and internal controls and helped redesign these, and provided training to the new Financial Controller. Read on.


"I was able to help the local team develop their financial skills and my wife was able to show some love to children who had come from the most difficult of backgrounds."




Harriet (ACA) working with the Cambodian Rural Development Team


AfID volunteer with charity partners in Cambodia

Harriet spent six months developing the skills of the local finance team, particularly in the areas of budgeting and cash flow forecasting. Read on.


"The staff at CRDT are incredibly ambitious; at every meeting we have insightful questions fill every moment, and debates lead thoughts and innovation."



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