Ecological Balance, Douala, Cameroon

Ecological Balance is a NGO protecting Cameroon’s biodiverse forests and coastal environments and empowering women and youth. They are raising awareness to protect the natural resources, prevent deforestation and to increase access to education and sustainable livelihoods. 

Cameroon’s forests are rich in natural resources but many local residents are relying too heavily on these for their livelihoods. Ecological Balance is raising awareness about conservation and providing training in alternative livelihoods which will not deplete the natural resources. Their youth training programme equips youth with the skills and knowledge on how to begin and run businesses that require little seed capital. Their target beneficiaries are women and youth, believing in the transformative power of education to help break the poverty cycle many are facing and to inspire them to protect their families and environment.

Ecological Balance also run a Sustainable Menstruation project, tackling the issue of responsible waste and promoting the use of reusable and biodegradable products. They are also working in schools to engage students in conservation, running a inter-school competition where children will develop initiatives such as regenerating forests, cleaning up water bodies, planting trees, developing waste management schemes, generating clean energy and developing green business models. Suffering from the effects of climate change, the natural environment in Cameroon has become subject to widespread and frequent flooding. This has left the coastline vulnerable to degradation and their natural barrier of mangrove forests are being severely affected. Ecological Balance is working to protect the mangrove ecosystem, planting new seedlings grown in their nursery and refurbishing the water table and biodiversity.


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