International Governance Institute (IGI), Buea, Cameroon

International Governance Institute (IGI) exist to challenge attitudes in Cameroon to make corruption unacceptable, influencing those seeking public office to exercise good governance and informing the people about the importance of civic participation and public accountability.


IGI operates its program activities under six portals:

  • Integrity Actions and Education (IAE): to strengthen the internal mechanisms of educational establishments in Cameroon to promote integrity, ethics and fight against fraud.
  • Equitable, Accountable and Just Society Initiatives: IGI supports government counterparts, civil society and individual professionals to build responsible, accountable and sustainable institutions at all levels of public life.
  • Economic Empowerment Initiatives and Actions: through training methods IGI incorporate action-based learning and policy awareness dialogue.
  • Participatory Action Research: support in public finance systems, legislative processes, law reviews, corruption indices and it may also include public perceptions on various governance regimes and matrices.
  • Technical Assistance to Public Organisations: to foster best practice in management of public institutions and in the delivery of their development assistance to surrounding communities.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: to address systematic vulnerabilities in human resource efficiency and program deliverables and assist public agencies with independent evaluation and assessment of their effectiveness.


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