Africaid WhizzKids United, Tamale, Ghana

WhizzKids United (WKU) are a non-profit working to provide health, educational and empowerment services to disadvantaged youth in both South Africa and Ghana. WKU began in South Africa in 2006, which has since grown to become a successful and sustainable organisation. AfID has previously supported WKU South Africa in 2014.

WKU are now replicating their operating model in a new country, Ghana and registered a local non-profit here in January 2017. They are supporting young people currently in school, those who are unable to attend and young and expectant mothers.

WhizzKids United uses sports-based programmes to inspire, encourage and educate young people. They believe that “every young person [they] work with has the opportunity to achieve their full potential”. Their key programmes in Ghana include:

  • WKU On The Ball – a curriculum using football to educate young people in life skills and to introduce a youth friendly clinic
  • WKU Girls’ On The Ball – a 1 year programme targeting and empowering young girls by teaching personal, professional and practical skills
  • WKU Health Academy – providing sexual and reproductive health and rights education

A new project opening soon is their WKU Out Restaurant in which young people are taught the skills of hospitality and can earn an income. WKU in Ghana is in its start-up stage, they are still developing their finance and administrative processes and have requested support to help them build a strong foundation.


For more information, please visit their website.