Guzakuza, Accra and/or Aburi, Ghana

Guzakuza is a social enterprise working with young women graduates and agricultural entrepreneurs (Agripreneurs). They want rebrand small hold farming as a business and empower young women to challenge the status quo and run their own successful agri-businesses. Guzakuza means ‘grow to touch life’ and they embody this in their work, it was founded in 2014 and registered as a social enterprise the following year. They provide the skills and funding for women to break into the agricultural sector, thrive as business owners and earn a sustainable livelihood.


They have 3 main projects:

  • IGNITE – their flagship programme. A 6 month residential training programme for the Agripreneurs. This includes mentors from different countries and businesses and access to internships.
  • DOPAL Farm– a permaculture project promoting healthy living and sustainable farming. It is a functioning farm that people can visit to see farming techniques in practice.
  • Guzakuza Club – set up in education institutions to promote agricultural sector and career opportunities within it

They also run an annual Women’s business forum with a constant online presence to encourage and promote the sector.


For more information, please visit their website.