BioBuu, Kilifi County, Kenya

BioBuu is an innovative social enterprise, that sources and collects waste from municipal and private providers and converts it to insect protein to be used as animal feed. In doing so, it aims to change the way organic waste is treated, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and offer viable by-products.

The alternate source of protein for farmers is soy or fish meal, the price of which fluctuates significantly throughout the year.

BioBuu trialled their first plant in Tanzania, and were recently awarded a large grant by SIDA (Swedish government aid agency) to establish a much larger plant and processing facility in Kenya; they hope that this facility in Kenya will be able to produce 20 tonnes of insect protein a month, and therefore being able to provide animal feed to over 200 farmers.

Additionally, based on their calculation of the volume of greenhouse gases decomposing waste would have produced, in the event it was not processed by their insect larvae and turned into protein, they estimate that their facility will prevent over 6000 CO2 equivalent tons per year being emitted into the atmosphere.


For more information, please visit their website.