CREATA, Migori County, Kenya

Centre for Regeneration and Empowerment of Africa Through Africa (CREATA) uses sports as a tool for community engagement, the mobilization and utilization of community resources for peace and transformational development, aiming for the economic empowerment of marginalized communities.


CREATA has been implementing Football for Hygiene and Sanitation for the last 7 years, and with the support of funders like UNICEF and Aqua for All Holland they have worked in 78 schools in Migori and Nakuru counties, building latrines and water facilities, offering football equipment to children who later participate in championships and sport leagues, and training 218 teachers as football coaches. Now the schools are running independently their sport activities, while CREATA still supports with coordination of school tournaments and league championships.


As part of its strategy to ensure sustainability of the WASH and Sport programmes in schools and the local communities, CREATA has initiated the development of small businesses to support the schools and the families of their beneficiaries, through offering an independent source of income. 3 of the businesses have been selected for the next phase of development:

  • Sunflower Farming
  • Computer and IT Training Centre
  • Water Kiosk

From the 3 business models, the most advanced is the Sunflower farming initiative, which has been initiated in schools and local households and created a business company, Kamida Enterprises. The aim is that schools grow sunflower on their land, and families grow it in their gardens – the seeds collected from farmers are then turned into cooking oil and sold by Kamida, with part of the profits being shared with the schools and families.


For more information, please visit their website.