Projet Jeune Leader, Fianarantsoa, Madagascar

Projet Jeune Leader is a youth run and led non- profit organisation whose mission is to empower young adolescents in Madagascar to make healthy and informed sexual health decisions from puberty into adulthood. Their goals are to reduce teenage pregnancy rates, decrease risky behaviours and increase school attendance among adolescents. In order to carry out its mission the organisation employers youth educators who are trained by the charity. These young people aged between 18- 15 are the strongest advocates of the project and carry out the day to day work.

Current projects include:

Health and leadership classes
A curriculum delivered by youth educators on leadership and sexual health training including the use of manuals and activity books created by the charity.

After School Classes
Extra- curricular activities such as arts, sports and theatre are run by youth educators to reinforce leadership and health classes.

Youth Spaces
The use of classrooms donated by partner schools to provide a safe place for classes and group discussions.

Mini school development projects
Provide mini grants to youth educators to plan, implement and run school improvement projects.

Development of a girls’ puberty book
To provide culturally appropriate information surrounding common questions on menstruation and puberty.

For more information, please visit their website.