Ineza Children’s Centre, Kisoro, Uganda

Ineza Children’s Centre is a Community Based Organisation (CBO) located in the South West of Uganda. Started in 2015, their aim is to provide quality education to the children of Kisoro, catering to the holistic needs of children, providing formal and informal education in pre and primary education, psychosocial support and recreational activities, during term time and holidays. The Ineza Children’s Centre runs the Ineza Parent’s School, which is designed to be a leading educational example facility in the region. They currently serve 260 children in the region, with 12 classrooms for children from nursery to P6 level. They have built and developed a library that will be open for the public in 2020, and planning to also build a play centre in the next months.

The Centre also provides scholarships to 55 girls, enabling them to continue their schooling. These cover school fees, board, educational materials and sanitary pads. Ineza is also supporting Seseme Girls' School where they installed a water purification system, planning to build toilet facilities in 2020; and providing sanitary supplies for 530 girls at a secondary school.

A US 501c3 charity was set up by volunteers to fundraise for the school, its building works and the scholarships it provides. This is called the Kisoro Children’s Foundation. It was started by volunteers, Ellen, Michael and their son Jay, who were impressed by the efforts of Director, Jackie. They fundraise in the US and continue to visit the school as often as they can and provide some operational guidance.