Kasiisi Project , Kasiisi, Uganda

Since 1997, the Kasiisi Project has aided education in and around Kibale National Park in rural western Uganda. Founded initially as a link between the research-based Kibale Chimpanzee Project and the local community, the Kasiisi Project now works with several research groups in and around the park to target critical issues for the survival of the forest and support of the local population. 

The organisation supports early childhood education, promotes conservation and health education, provides daily school lunches, trains teachers, encourages literacy through libraries and computer usage, funds secondary school and college scholarships, and addresses gender issues. The Kasiisi Project works in 14 schools, which support 10,000 primary school children.
The Kasiisi Project achieves its goals through the following programmes:
• Conservation Education – field trips, Water and waste management projects, reforestation projects, sustainable living projects, guest speakers and debates, films and creative projects

• Scholarships – though secondary school has recently become state-sponsored and free, the availability of good secondary schooling remains very low

Construction – since 1997, the Kasiisi Project has devoted approximately 30% of its budget to addressing the shortage of infrastructure in its schools

• Porridge & Farm Project – the Kasiisi Porridge Project is a UK-based charity started in 2006 by Kate Wrangham-Briggs, working in close partnership with the Kasiisi Project. The Porridge Project raises money with the goal of providing a daily mug of porridge to more than 1,500 children at Kasiisi and Kanyawara primary schools in rural Uganda

• Girls Support – the Kasiisi Project Girls Support Program has three main initiatives: keeping girls in school, informed about their sexual health, and economically independent

• Literacy – building school lending libraries, training teachers in literacy instruction, and sponsoring women’s groups that focus on learning and literacy among pre-schoolers

• Nursery School – the first nursery school in rural Kabarole District with teachers who are professionally trained in early childhood education. The nursery school is taught by two graduates of the Kasiisi Project’s scholarship programme

• Health Project – the Kasiisi Project Health Education Program teaches 5000 students  in 5 schools about how to stay healthy and disease free.

• OLPC Computers – Kasiisi Primary School now has over 200 laptops which are used daily by the students

• Teacher Support – good working conditions, free housing, salaries, bonuses, enrichment and training

•  Renewable Energy – hydroelectricity, fuel-efficient stoves, eco-bricks, bio-digesters and tree seeding nurseries

•  Income Generation – current projects include using plastic waste to make bags for tourists and developing rabbit farming
Please see their website for more information: www.kasiisiproject.org