Barefeet Theatre , Lusaka, Zambia

Barefeet Theatre is committed to contributing to helping orphans, vulnerable children, street children, and former street children. The aim is to help them become physically healthy, cognitively and socially competent young people. Through the theatre for development methods of play, creativity and self-expression, Barefeet offers these children opportunities for divergent thinking and encourages them to believe in their own capacity to be creative and make positive life choices.
Barefeet has five key project areas:


  • Emergency interventions
  • Giving youth a voice
  • Life-saving information
  • Positive life choices
  • Igniting creative fires

The organisation’s tailor made workshops are designed to impart live saving information to the children. Each module covers topics that have been highlighted as critical in assisting with the healthy development of young people. Topics include: HIV/AIDS, violence, health, drugs and alcohol and children’s rights. All the workshops signpost the children to partner organisations offering additional services.
With the overall goal of preventing children from living on the streets, Barefeet organises performing arts events throughout the year as a way of keeping the children engaged in creative activities. This is done through numerous activities organised by Barefeet, such as storytelling, participatory workshops, theatre and dance, culminating in the annual Barefeet Youth Arts Festival (BYAF). All the children on the project contribute to the festival programme, which gives a huge public platform from which to break down stigmas and advocate for issues relating to orphans and abandoned children.
Additionally the company has a functioning Children’s Council, provides outreach activities and has an income generating performance wing.
Please see their website for more information.