Java Foods, Lusaka, Zambia

Java Foods was founded in 2012 with a vision to produce food with high nutritional value, using locally sourced ingredients and manufacturing. Java Foods is a private Ltd company with a social impact. Zambia has a prevalence of micronutrient malnutrition which contributes to premature death, illness and reduced productivity. Zambia is in the top 5 countries worldwide for undernourishment, with 40% of under 5’s affected. Working in a country with a young population and high urbanisation means that instant and readily accessible foods are more widely purchased. To distribute their nutritious foods on a large scale Java Foods produces fortified instant noodles and porridges, food types that are aimed to reach their target customers – infants aged 2+ and children and youth below 35 years. This group makes up 75% of Zambia’s population.


They sell their products through both formal (retailers/supermarkets) and informal trade. The latter being distributed through agents to both urban and rural communities and small stores. Java Foods partners with NGOs to identify and train these agents who often come from the local communities they are selling to. The benefit is twofold, small communities are given access to nutritious and accessible food products, and local livelihoods are increased with economic gain for the agents, manufacturers and local farmers producing the ingredients. Java Foods are accessing grant funding to continue to push the nutrition agenda. They are a young family-run business, still in their start up stage and are still to make a net profit.


For more information, visit their website.