Kasanka Trust Ltd (KTL), Kasanka National Park, Zambia

Kasanka Trust has been managing Kasanka National Park for more than 30 years now. They work in partnership with the Zambian Government to protect this environment, its wildlife and natural resources.

KTL aim to both restore and secure the park’s biodiversity and to grow it as a sustainable and internationally renowned tourist destination.

Kasanka National Park is home to the world’s largest fruit bat migration and a varied range of species but does not host the big 5 game animals which attracts the biggest crowds. 


Alongside ecotourism projects and resource and habitat management they also engage in community development and environment education with the neighbouring populations. KTL is a source of seasonal employment, supports local farmers with training and inputs and runs educational clubs and provides some educational scholarships in the local schools. KTL operates as a social enterprise, reinvesting income from tourism into the local area and livelihoods.


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